hi! i’m jodi…

and if you ask how me how I’m doing, I often reply, “LIVIN THE DREAM”

I believe what you say to yourself and the universe has the energy to make your dreams come true.  My life is not picture perfect, instead I have learned to love my gifts of imperfection.  I am a momager of a chaotic household of four very active guys and a laundry list of things to get done each day.  (well… the laundry is never done!)  I look for the good in everyday, even the perfectly imperfect ones, and although I have not made peace with the missing socks I am thrilled when I can match a pair!  My journey to here has been full of unique experiences, life lessons, special moments and lots of pictures.

I started taking pictures when my kids were born but it didn’t become an obsession until they started playing sports.  I loved capturing the thrill of victories and the agony of defeats.  Truly it was for love of the shot!   After a long corporate career I was lucky to be laid off, giving me an opportunity to explore my passions.  What I knew was simple… aside from my family, I love taking pictures, I love working-out, I love to learn and be creative; and I love to be around people.  What link my loves are their stories.

…to be married to a supportive husband who pushes my buttons challenges me everyday!
…to be the mother of 3 boys who have the biggest hearts and pretty great smiles.
…to live in the community and raise my children where I grew up.
…to have a circle of friends who are lovely, loyal and honest and have helped create the stories of my life.

MY FAMILY.  We have stories!  If you have heard my husband’s you know why it would make for good reality television.  My most intimate story has been documenting my sister’s journey with breast cancer and writing about it before Facebook & blogs.  Maybe someday her story and my pictures will find their way to a publisher!?

I love everything about pictures, all kinds of pictures and I am giddy when I capture something special!  I love that there is inspiration everywhere especially now-a-days when we all have a camera at our fingertips.  I love that pictures can tell a story without words.  I love that they can bring us right back to the moment and feelings of excitement and joy or tug hard our heartstrings.

PHYSICAL FITNESS.  I love the possibilities of pushing beyond beyond our limits.  The power of mind-over-matter is incredible and the stories we all tell ourselves that either push us forward or hold us back – I find fascinating.

CREATIVITY.  I know I am the happiest when I am learning or have an outlet to be creative.  I certainly don’t know everything (don’t tell my kids) but I appreciate learning from my mistakes.  I am curious; I am expressive and it comes out in many forms and maybe sometimes a little OCD (I blame my 8th grade art teacher for that).

PEOPLE.  Everyone has a story.  You just have to be willing to listen.  I am grateful to have crossed paths with the people who have come into my life; good, bad or indifferent, they all have been a part of my story.

Hopefully I will  be lucky enough to capture a small piece your story through my lens.  I can’t promise your pictures will be perfect but I promise it will be fun and you will not hear me “say cheese!”
My passion is for-love-of-the-shot, no matter what the story.  I can’t wait to meet you!    xo  jodi